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wha performance suggestions do u guys have on this....i dont want to do a tranny or a engine swap tho. i was thinking turbo charging but then i would want to kno wha other things to get to make the car reliable since its goin to be a daily driven car (with occassional straight line racing)...suspension/brake opinions and suggestions? any help would be appreciated...thanks

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you could get the nx 2000 brake upgrade kit, strut bar for better stability, and the rest depends if you want to turbo your car or keep it all motor. if u go with all motor, hotshot makes headers for b14s, and someone must make a cai . u can also have a garage make a custom cat back exhaust using stainless steal mandrel bends and a freer flowing catalitc converter(they are universal, arent they?) a jim wolf tech reprogrammed ecu would be a good investemnt as well
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