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Hi again smj - thanks again for your advice. I have the truck at home again and will look at the ECM tomorrow. Is the ECM under the passenger seat or driver seat? Dealership says driver side, all the video tutorials show passenger side. Maybe it's different as I have a 4x4 SE V6. I can feel boxes under both.

According to the dealership, in addition to the lurching fix, I need the following, in order of importance: Rear Propeller Shaft centre bearing support assembly; both front lower ball joints, both front calipers, right front wheel bearings (possibly). Yikes. They are quoting $3200 to do all that work, plus the lurching fix (which I will diagnose via ECM tomorrow). The truck has 170k gentle miles on it, west coast only (no salt, no off-road, mild winters). Dealership recommends I abandon it; I only use it for ~4k miles/year (minor house renovation work) so I am loathe to invest thousands more into a monster truck that I don't know, need, nor want. I love the 4x4 SE V6 I have. Do you think it is worth salvaging?

I can afford the work - but I don't want to sink money into a hole if I can avoid it. Parts availability looks like a serious issue. My goal would be to squeeze another ten years and 50,000 city miles out of it. I replaced timing belt and clutch plates at 160k. Ideally, it would retire the same week I do... If I were to buy new, I would much prefer BEV (I own a Leaf already) but no viable options are yet available. Thanks again - Trevor
"Suggestions would be much appreciated - I am the second owner of this truck (we are both Engineers and good friends, and I want to keep it in the family so to speak). "

It sound's to me like you Inherited - Whether you paid for it or Given to you that you Really didn't much want or Really NEED.

I've read through this and to me it look's like this truck has been driven and NOT been given Regular Routine Preventative Maintenance. Now You've got it and have to decide whether Fixing what wasn't done over the Past 27 year's is worth it!

If YOU need a Truck look @ the Price's of New and Used Truck's NOW. 3200 $'s is a drop in the Bucket for a Good Running Used Truck Now.

You say You are an Engineer but started this without a Geniune Nissan Service Manual! If indeed you are a Working Engineer then get the Service Manual, Roll Up Your Sleeve's and GET To Work. If you do the work yourself, then it won't cost you near as much as the DealerShip quoted.

It really depend's on Whether You Want and NEED this Truck IMO.

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