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I have a 94 sentra 1.6. Having a hot start problem exists only when I use the A.C, drive the car on a hot day. When I switch it off, it won't start right back unless I leave it for several hours. Here is what I did so far. changed the fuel filter, checked the sparks plugs. Took the fuel pump out and cleaned all the connections. I noticed two things: This problem associated with an abnormal a.c cycling with non-efficient cooling. When it didn't start I pulled the plug off of the fuel pump by the tank and checked for voltage during the first 5 seconds with the ignition switch on.....for my surprise, there was voltage. Could it be the pump? .... I thought the electric pump is either to work or to die...but never knew it might sleep when hot and wake up when cold again!!!! Also tell me if the alarm system has anything to do with this?

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