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I originally had a problem with my '94 Maxima with hard starting so I went to a dealer and he said my fuel filter was clogged- changed that but problem persisted. Dealer then said it was the fuel pressure regulator- changed that- problem still persisted. My regular mechanic cleaned the terminals of my ECM and also changed my timing belt and water pump and put in a new oxygen sensor. He said fuel pressure was OK and I was getting spark. I also changed the rotor, dist cap plugs and wires. Lately the hard starting is only occasional but the car has been stalling usually after sitting for a few hours. Sometimes I warm the car for 10 minutes and it stalls a couple times and maybe later while driving down the road it stalls again for no apparent reason. Sometimes the stall is just for second- sometimes the stall is 10 seconds or more and I have to pull off the road. Any ideas? Problem seems to be getting worse and I'm worried about damageing the engine.

Joe from West Chester PA
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