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Sorry to repost..but i thought i may get more help here....

Hey everyone,this is my first post here on this particular forum, but im all over the place at TEAM INTEGRA ,because I drive a teg. However, my girlfriend happens to have a 1994 Nissan Sentra LE 4DR, and after watching me tune my car the bug has bitten her...well me i guess. She wants me to make her car in 14-15 sec fast (1/4), not smoking but quick. I cannot convince her to just find an SE-R with an SR20DE in it already, she is in love with the LE, and won't give it up. I recently purchased a thrashed SE-R for a whopping 50$, frickin sweet deal. only problem is....the engine is blown, i can rebuild and soup it up without any problem but i've never done an actual swap like this. ( pretty new to NISSAN) and im wanting some newb advice on how i should go about swapping that beast in when it's re-built, I.E. what will i need besides the engine, tranny,wiring harness,and ecu. ( i've already put the disks on the back ). I need to know if i hafta modify any thing drastically? relocate anything in particular...ya know stuff like that.

Also are there any other good sites where i can bone up on how to make big Sentra Numbers??

I apologize if this has been covered, i actually did search for a while, and everything is very vague.
Thanks ( in advance) a TON to all those who reply.
Yeah, it's true..... I drive an Integra, But my girl's Sentra is pretty darn nice.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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