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Well, the pads are almost always on contact with the rotors. The gap between the two is really slim. If you get a wierd noise, just check the pads. Sometimes, a pebble could be lodged in between the pads and rotors. A shim or a clip could've broken off, so the pads might be shaking a little every so often. Take the pads off and check the wear on them. Most oem pads make whining noises to indicate that the pads are in need of a replacement.

When I had the same problem this summer, my brake fluid was contaminated. They were always gripping. When I drove on the highway, my fluid would boil and I would lose brake pressure. I flushed out the lines and got new brake fluid. That fixed the problem. I'm not 100% sure if the fluid was contaminated, though. I never touched it, but the mechanic said that was so. Whateva. just chek them out. Take off your rims and look.

Good luck

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