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Ok, well I was going to register to REPAIR this 93 pathfinder, the radiator went and the front ball joint was going and then the starter went...having no money it sat, now for 3-4 months and code enforcement already came and told me it's gotta go by Oct 4. Anything you want just PM or reply back and I will take it off before it gets towed..I am in warner robins GA and anything that can be shipped or picked up before the car gets scrapped is up for grabs. I just hope I can help some folks out because almost the entire car is perfect. The TPS, MAF, all sensors and ecu's all up for grabs, as well as windows, rims, spare tire, headlights, step-rails, body panels, EVERYTHING GOES. Just tell me what you need and I'll tell you if I've got it off or can get it off already.
If you want the whole thing it's worth $500 for scrap, and that's what I'll take, but this car can part out to $1500 with 2-3 hours work.
Thanks folks, hope to talk with you soon!
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