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Okay so I have a 92 xe 5-speed coupe. I have already replaced the thermostat on that one and wow what a pain!

I just picked up a 92 xe sedan auto for $200 because the girl who had it said it kept overheating then it died.

I did some poking around on it and i filled the radiator with nearly a jug and a half of coolant to try to get it home. The belt to the water pump was stopping and then would move a little and screech and stop and move a little more.

I did drive it stopping when it got super hot. It was SPRAYING coolant out the back near the water pump. I am assuming it is not the belt and it is probably partially siezed.

Can anyone confirm this before I try to tackle this pain in the butt process of dropping the motor? Would it be easier to just use my cherry picker and pick it up from the top after popping out the axles?

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