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The speedo in my tuck is dun busted...
The needle moves VERY slowly as I accelerate, then takes forever to move back down as I decelerate. I'm also not sure it's very accurate, as I'm traveling as fast as eveyone else on a 45 mph road, yet it reads 30-35. Sometimes it stick at 20-30 mph, not going back to 0 once I'm stopped.
My assumption is the cable is worn out, since I have almost 200K miles. However could it be the actual speedo mechanism? I have the tools, the repair manual and have replaced a speedo cable before (in a 71 Beetle, so maybe there's no comprison), but how can I tell before tearing out the gauge cluster? The warning lights, tach, odometer and trip odometer all work fine.

And do you think the local AutoZone stocks the cable, or will I need to get from the stealership? I'm on track to fix everything that's wrong with this truck (within reason) to make it a better daily driver!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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