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Hi this may sound stupid or not i dunno....
I own a 1992 Pathfinder SE-V6 manual (basically stock) with 155k on it.
I was wondering what i need to do to make it basically a rock solid engine, maybe with an increase in torque (not so much hp cause no matter what it'll be slow). im on a tight budget and i know parts=$$$ but just some good tips on what do do would be great. come the end of the summer im getting a friend (mechanic who works out of his garage and who i trust) to replace the timing belt, and all that extra jazz that comes with it to keep it running good. I was thinking if he's already working on it why not put in a couple other goodies to keep it lasting as long as possible. im thinking an exhaust system would go pretty good to help her exhale a little better but when it comes to the actual engine...i have no clue. i like working on her and I'm thinking about getting into cars in the future, so here is a good start. looking through some forums and stuff i found maybe a new camshaft? but which one is solidly built and what else should i add on with it? ANYTHING helps and please don't get too heavy into abbreviations, cause thats where i get lost. But, yeah Thanks.

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