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92 Pathfinder and 4x4 Engagement

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So I have never actually tried to use the 4x4 on this car.

Got it used in June, but never tested it out. Due to the age and unknown maintenance history, I was worried of something screwing up.

Last night I decided just to try the 4 Hi.
Was at a stop, stuck it in 4 Hi and expected the light to go on

It didn't light up.
Rolled for about 15 feet in a straight line, nothing.

Is this light supposed to light up 4 HI , 4 LO?

I would stick the car on jackstands and try it in the air, but its been pissing rain the last few days and its not going to stop for a while.

Help !

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The bulb could be burned out. Put in 4 HI, drive forward 10 feet and do a sharp turn (in an empty parking lot). The vehicle will feel jerky if you are in 4 HI.

Also try this in 4 LO.
could also be disconnected at the t/case, both of which are easy fixes.

check your PMs.

Thanks for the link ...whew , lots of reading

I found an dirt lot and tried to get the wheels to spin.

There wasn't enough mud and it the rears just dug...i couldn't tell if the fronts were digging.

Im wondering if the 4x4 switch connected to the T-case is busted...or the bulb could be burnt out , but i doubt it.

Keep you guys posted.
if you have auto hubs there's a good chance one or both aren't engaging.
if you have auto hubs there's a good chance one or both aren't engaging.
ive got a 5 MT

If the hubs dont engage, what does that mean? no power to the front wheels?
ive got a 5 MT

If the hubs dont engage, what does that mean? no power to the front wheels?
yes, both hubs need to engage for the front drive to work. if only one locks the frt drive is engaged but it is an open differential and spin the shaft with least resistance i.e. the hub that is not engaged. usually a good cleaning of the hub fixes this but the springs inside wear out and prevent locking. if you have a j/y close I would suggest getting a set of manual hubs. these are more reliable in my opinion, plus you know when it is locked or not.
i think the bulb may be burned out, or the 4x4 switch from the transfer case may be broken

the hubs make no noise at all , you can't hear them engage or disengage at all

i found a gravel lot and did some mini burnouts...not the best way to go about it, but all 4 wheels dug and made some nice clear markings in the ground

so at least i know that the 4x4 works ( for now )

dealership wanted, i nearly laughed my ass off, $441 canadian per hub for stock auto locking ones

local stores sell the warn manual hubs for around $265 cad
WARN Premium Manual Hubs - WARN 29091 -

If i do go about replacing them, this set is the one to go with?
I asked about the Spindle Nut Conversion Kit PN 29918, but the local parts store had no clue whether it was required or not

is it?

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not sure, do you have any junk yards near, you would be able to get the factory hubs cheap.
went to Warn's website and got more clarification

i read the thing wrong, that conversion kit only applies to Toyota.

i'll hunt around the junk yards this weekend

Final question, what do i look for in a hub? I haven't even torn apart my stock ones let alone look at ones from a wrecker...

Based on the manuals that you posted, as long as the springs and parts are all there im good to go?
Why don't you dissemble your old hubs, clean and inspect 'em, grease 'em up and reinstall?
well it finally stopped raining and i got a chance to throw the car up on jackstands

i also discovered that 13" max jackstands dont work when you need 15" to get the front wheels off the ground lol.

but anyways, throw the car in 4 Hi, spin the rears a few revolutions and the hubs go "click" the fronts will lock

all is well and im happy.

thanks for the helo
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