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91 sentra idle problems

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hey i have a 91 sentra xe 1.6l 5spd
when i start the car it starts right up, then immediatly dies. if i start it and give it gas for a few seconds then let off it will idle, but barely (around 400 rpm)it will not die any time after this, only AT start up. a buddy told me it could be the idle air control valve. i just changed the spark plugs and fixed a hole in my exhaust. any ideas.
OK i just went to my shop at work and took out the IACV and cleaned it out thoroughly, and still, start=die./start+gas= run?!?! any ideas?!
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I cleaned my IACV and now it's idling funny... took it off again today and cleaned a little more and it's still idling rough as in sputtering like it isn't getting enough air...It was idling much better before I cleaned it... Any Ideas why it's doing this...??? It drives fine... Only idle... Really need this fixed.. Help I need another 1? Do I need to reset ECU if so how??
Make up your mind and/or why not keep ONE THREAD going instead of a half dozen spread out threads.
So which is clean it and it's good. You clean it and it's bad. Which is it?
Did you reset the timing, minimum idle, and TPS as the book says to do yet?
Bro chill.. out!! I said it idles rough but drives fine... And I did not reset anything. I asked could you please tell me how to reset this?? or no?
Plus this isn't my thread...
You're the one that hijacked it...
All jokes aside bro... Can u tell me how to do this??
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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