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91 sentra idle problems

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hey i have a 91 sentra xe 1.6l 5spd
when i start the car it starts right up, then immediatly dies. if i start it and give it gas for a few seconds then let off it will idle, but barely (around 400 rpm)it will not die any time after this, only AT start up. a buddy told me it could be the idle air control valve. i just changed the spark plugs and fixed a hole in my exhaust. any ideas.
OK i just went to my shop at work and took out the IACV and cleaned it out thoroughly, and still, start=die./start+gas= run?!?! any ideas?!
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a shorted temp sensor? kiddin

before cleaning the IACV, i was gonna say tighten your throttle cable a touch...
it'd let more air in during idle *when you're not touching the pedal*

but see.. if a vacuum line is busted it just gets more air in when you're letting off the "air pedal"

vacuum lines only do certain things... cept one (on my car), the vacuum line that goes the the fuel pressure regulator. the other lines are for the egr and such.. not really needed. just lets air in. but if there's one hose that has a hole in it.. it will effect the whole vacuum system. giving it a lack of vacuum on the fuel pressure regulator.

but for it to work now, now that you dried the sensor off... wierd. though, an erroneous reading where it's shorting, giving the ecu too much voltage would tell the ecu that the engine is overheating when it's not.

like nasty nissan said.. just fix everything... tuning it all is fairly cheap. til you find a bad sensor, and that just requires a yard trip.
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