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91 sentra idle problems

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hey i have a 91 sentra xe 1.6l 5spd
when i start the car it starts right up, then immediatly dies. if i start it and give it gas for a few seconds then let off it will idle, but barely (around 400 rpm)it will not die any time after this, only AT start up. a buddy told me it could be the idle air control valve. i just changed the spark plugs and fixed a hole in my exhaust. any ideas.
OK i just went to my shop at work and took out the IACV and cleaned it out thoroughly, and still, start=die./start+gas= run?!?! any ideas?!
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Stop and Back up guys..... IAC=== Idle Air Controll ... 90% chance that if you clean it you'll fix the problem... A simple SEARCH should provide a how-to.. Or you could download the service manual that is in a Sticky (Do a search for "B13 service manual")
The Next step I'd take would be to check the timing... If the timing is Low it could affect the idle like this... The other though is to check if the IAC is actually working, OR if its even getting the signal..

***This is all under the "ASSUMPTION" that youve got a clean air filter, Recent tune-up, And ALL vaccum hoses and Intake ducting are intact****

Which brings me to another point... It could be a Loose, Broken, cracked, clogged vaccum line...

Any recent work done Before this problem showed up???

***And just for SH!&S and Giggles.... I'D unhook the ALL the Tach wires until you remedy this... Electrical Gremlins are FINICKY creatures...***
OHMS----Resistance is a weird thing... The water changed the resistance of the wire/sensor and the ECM went wacky....

Deboner..... You'll need a volt/ohm meter (Digital) and the Service manual. The manual should have testing procedures and specs for the voltages. You should probably check the temp sensor as that could possibly do it also..

If you know a good shop you can have them "Smoke test" the vaccum system. (But NORMALLY a vaccum leak will let it idle high) I say normally because a there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. DOes this car have an aftermarket filter??

There is a large (5/8 to 1 inch hose) that hooks to the intake tubing near the TB. This is the one that runs behind the engine. This the line for the IACV. You might want to make sure its not plugged/ loose/ broken.

Thats all I can think of for now..
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