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91 se-r vvl ?

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if i get a vvl and i have the harness and ecu with it does my original sr20de tranny fit or do i need another one
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You can use the 91 SE-R stock ECU and Engine Harness if you want. You will eventually need a program on the ECU for it to run great.
thats a waste of time. the VVL system and the fuel system won't work properly, and if the VE you get isnt the right OBD era it won't work period.

get a VE with an ECU and harness. the point of a VE swap is the performance. you won't get all of it with an SR20DE ECU.
your STOCK ECU is hardly a stock ECU once you put in a VE. and using a piggy back programmer to bring it up to an equivalent value is just silly. Calum's program is great, i don't deny that. but you'll save yourself more time and money getting an engine with ECU and harness. then with the VE fully bolted and a tuning program, you'll reach a better potential.

in the end it will run better with a VE ECU. end of story. using the intended ecu requires no tuning to start, and provides a better platform for later tuning.
if you buy them seperately, yes, that's true. but when buying an engine for a swap, you should almost always get it with the ECU and uncut harness. you then ALSO check the pics to make sure the engine was in a 5spd car. just make sure it has a clutch plate and not a flexplate. its about buying smart.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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