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91 se-r vvl ?

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if i get a vvl and i have the harness and ecu with it does my original sr20de tranny fit or do i need another one
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You can use the 91 SE-R stock ECU and Engine Harness if you want. You will eventually need a program on the ECU for it to run great.
^Dude a waste? Pfffffffff. That's why I said get a program and that program I would recommend would be Calum Realtime. I'll take my STOCK ECU and Engine Harness on my 93 SE-R with a Calum ECU and make about 190-200WHP fully bolted if not more in my VE when I swap it in.
thats a great price for a complete VE.
^That is a great price for a VE, VE ECU, and Engine Harness. Hmmmm, who are you buying from?

your STOCK ECU is hardly a stock ECU once you put in a VE. and using a piggy back programmer to bring it up to an equivalent value is just silly. Calum's program is great, i don't deny that. but you'll save yourself more time and money getting an engine with ECU and harness. then with the VE fully bolted and a tuning program, you'll reach a better potential.

in the end it will run better with a VE ECU. end of story. using the intended ecu requires no tuning to start, and provides a better platform for later tuning.
^You do realize that most of the Engine Harnesses come cut up and most come from auto cars right? I would like to see you run a Auto ECU in a 91-94 SE-R that is a 5 speed. It's not much of an argument over here, but if you were to type this stuff on "The-Dash" this thread would get flipped. Calum can get you the base bin from a VE from his realtime ECU and that is the same as having a VE ECU. Then you can adjust it to your mods.

Why go through the trouble of buying and extra ECU and Engine Harness when it is NOT needed? I say if he is getting it all for a 1000 then more power to him. Please post pics of everything when you receive the goods sir. I will keep an eye on this thread. I love to hear about VE powered cars. We have a new header and cams in the works to improve the VE community.
Dude not to be disrespectfull but, you really don't know much about VE's and Ecus ??? SR20ve's only came with A/T so how is he going to get a pic of one with a 5spd? The way to go is with a Calum ECU, realtime if posible. Second stock VE Ecu hits the Rev Cut at 7200, and you will want to rev it to at least 7800- 8000, so seach a little you are confusing reb b13
^Thank you! I'm glad somebody else on this board know what I'm talking about. After his last post my jaw about hit the floor. Pffffff, I was like wow. I never heard of that one. This is also why this engine is so great because it comes from a auto car. It hasn't seen high RPM's and they are usually low mileage. Then you put it in a 5 speed and you have yourself a fun car!

^Here is a post of a guy that just made 216WHP on a Calum ECU. The stock SR20VE ECU don't mean anything. Even if it was a VE 5 speed ECU it would not touch the Calum ECU. The Calum is one of the best ways to make power on a VE.

this vvl is from a motor shop around my city called japanesed motors the vvl has uncut harness and its off a p11 the guy said the man who brought it in gave him a ecu that is for a stick car
^You must be from FL and it probably came out of a Nissan Primera.
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