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91 se-r vvl ?

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if i get a vvl and i have the harness and ecu with it does my original sr20de tranny fit or do i need another one
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if you buy them seperately, yes, that's true. but when buying an engine for a swap, you should almost always get it with the ECU and uncut harness. you then ALSO check the pics to make sure the engine was in a 5spd car. just make sure it has a clutch plate and not a flexplate. its about buying smart.
Dude not to be disrespectfull but, you really don't know much about VE's and Ecus ??? SR20ve's only came with A/T so how is he going to get a pic of one with a 5spd? The way to go is with a Calum ECU, realtime if posible. Second stock VE Ecu hits the Rev Cut at 7200, and you will want to rev it to at least 7800- 8000, so seach a little you are confusing reb b13
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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