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Hey fellow nissan peeps.......I need a serious favor. I recently bought a '95 1.6 engine complete with tranny for $200 only 55,000 original miles on it.
My problem is that I have a '91 SE with about 225,000 miles on it automatic with all the goodies and the wiring is much different. I can see alot of similarities in the wiring at some points but since that particular eninge has more sensors than the '91 its really confusing. I thought of many ways to configure the wiring but I think its time to ask some experts.
First off can you supply me graphic details on how to perform the wiring install, and will I have any problem with the ECU wiring once I get inside the cabin...does everything hook up.

Thanks for any help................:D ;) :) :cool:

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im no expert, but i know that youll need the obdII (95-99) ecu and wiring harness.

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.....I have EcU

........the Ecu i already have. Im just inquiring on how to go about the wiring of the'95 into the '91 chassis. There are many different sensors. Like there 2 oxy sensors...and 2 intake sensors. the '91 Ga16de only has 1 oxy sensor and 1 intake sensor. Also there is another sensor o top of the throttle sensor....??????. What is that????

thanks for the help........but please i need pics of engine bays..Good ones!!!

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