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91 240sx LE... HELP!

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hey guys,
i just bought a 91 240sx Le. i need to know a few things. i have a aftermarket kit bought waiting to be installed. Where in canada (near manitoba) is a good body shop that can install aftermarket kits for a descent price? want to know if it is a s13,14,15. and what that even means?! im also looking for non flip lights (just the smooth transition) where would i find those? my last question is about an engine swap... my 240 has 200000kms on it and i think its ready for a swap, i dont want mad power or anything, something that is turbo compatible and a little more kick than my existing.
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Have you heard of the "search" button? I know its crazy but that thing helps! Anywayz these questions have been answered at least 100 times...And the S13,14,15 question can be answered just below the Button that you clicked on to enter this (S13 240sx 1989-1994), hope this helps :)

P.S. Im really not on da sobor side...actually im not even close, so if non of this makes anysence then SEW ME! :) :cheers:

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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