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Hello, just picked up my second Z, my first was a '93 NA, so this time around I decided to go TT. I bought the car a few weeks ago, and most everything is running smooth, just a few hiccups: there is a humming noise in one of the turbos at or around 0 PSI. I will throttle up and the turbos engage, everything sounds flawless, but when I let the throttle go, the PSI gauge drops to 0 a humming noise is made, it sounds like something with the turbo might be loose. Does anyone have any experience with this? The sound is only made around 0, in the negative and positive PSI areas there is no strange noise.

Also, I believe the syncro gears in my transmission are weak or on the verge of failing, I hear this is a problem with the earlier model Z trannys. Can I replace just the sync gears or is it an all out transmission swap? It is 5sp manual by the way.

The car has some mods:

JWT pop charger
JWT ECU chip
Koyo radiator
AL flywheel
Clutchmaster Clutch
Eibach suspension
Drilled rotors
Borla exhaust

The previous owner had all this work done at Rush Motorsports in So Cal.

Any advice on what to look for or what to do/have done is much appreciated!

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A humming noise on the Z is usually a fuel pump buzzing away. The reason you don't hear it when your boosting is because on engine noise.

I would get a compression check done then do a ecu diagnostic (located on the top of the forum in the sticky)
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