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It was one of those days that my brother thought he had a faster car than mine mind you I have a ga16i and he had a quad 4, 2.4 liter engine he had an auto and I had a stick (4 speed) we lined up for the 1/4 mile and he put it in nutral and reved his a bit and I reved mine 2 about 6500 and we got the go and i dropped the clutch and kept on the gas he thought he had a chance at first he was ahead but I mashed the gas as far as it would go and I blew by him :) you should have seen the look on his face when I burnt him :eek: I went back to get my line starter ( the person that started the race) and he asked me if I won and I said with pride "I smoket him" he came past me flying like a bat out of hell It has been three days since he talk to me but the funny thing is he broke his car now it has no power to the ingnition I think he fried his computer hehe I guess it goes to show you that you don underestmate an NISSAN:D
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