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Hi all

I have a 90 Pathfinder, and a couple of days ago she went bang, hole in the side of the block and oil all over the place, which left me hitching 300kms home to get another car and trailer to come back and tow the thing home again, was a long day!

But its left me in a position of needing a new engine, currently its got a Z24 twin spark 2.4 petrol Job in it, and I have a few questions about engines etc that i was hoping someone out there may be able to answer for me

Now in Australia the pathfinders were only delivered as a 2 door 2.4 4cyl up until the end of 92 when they changed them to a 4 door 3.0 v6., the questions i have are as follows

1. Is the 2.4 in the Navara's of the same era the same engine, eg, will the same gearbox bolt up directly to the engine, can i use the same bell housing on my current box or will i need a Narava one? and also are the torque ratings the same etc? general speaking can i grab a navara motor and bolt it strait in?

2. the Pintara's came out with a 2.4 twin spark job around the same era, but they were injected, does anyone know if i can bold one of these in, or what kind of conversions would need to be done etc? has anyone tried this, and will the gearboxes mate up up?

3. the later model 3.0 v6 petrol i'm pretty sure will slide into the engine bay no probs, but are the gearboxes the same? i'm assuming i'll need a v6 bell housing, and the wiring lume must be different, but has anyone heard of this being done before?

These are a few idea's i'm coming up with, id prefer to go with the cheapest option, but if i'm going to have to throw a few $$$ at it, then i wouldn't mind getting some extra performance

The reason i ask so much about the gearbox is last year the box blew and i spend a fortune getting it fixed up, so i'm pretty intent on keeping it in the car because i know its good.

so if anyone out there has done any engine mods on a 2.4 pathfinder i'm pretty keen on hearing ideas you may have or any advice on which path to take



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The DOHC 2.4 isn't a direct swap AFAIK, but I think all the twin-spark 2.4's will go with a few mods...the oilpan and oil pump pickup will be different on a car engine as opposed to a 4WD engine. The V6 tranny is completely different so you'd need a trans AND engine if you want the 6. Hope that helps a little...
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