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my 89 6 cyl pathy is being a pain in the a**.!!! I recently had a BG fuel induction cleaning performed on my Pathy. This process involves spraying a 'BG' chemical solution down the throttle body to clean out the deposits in the intake, throttle body and combustion chambers. This is followed up by pouring an additive called 44K in the fuel tank. After this was done i drove the truck for about 3 miles and it ran much better, however after sitting in the sun-85 degrees. I jumped in and drove away, only to stall a 1 mile down the road. I had a little over 1/4 tank of fuel and added 5 gals. to be sure. But it acted like it wasn't getting fuel.
It was towed to a shop where they diagnosed the 2- fuel injectors as being wore out....constant fuel pouring down the throtle body when the key was on. The injectors were replaced fuel preasure checked and test drove with no problems.......until I picked up the truck and drove 1 block away from the shop where it stalled again.
The mechanic rechecked the fuel pressure and said it was low at idle. 20 lbs.
he then replaced the fuel pump with a new 'Airtex' or 'Airtech' brand and test and rechecked the fuel pressure. 30 lbs. at idle. test drove again and told me to pick it up. The truck sat out side in the heat for about 1- 1 1/2 hours.
When i pickrd it up and drove away it stalled again 1 block from the shop.
he then again pulled the 'New pump' and rechecked the pressure. 30 lbs. at idle but it built preassure slowly. So he relaced with another new pump, cleaned the fuel lines, checked the fuel tank for debris. put another new fuel filter on it and test drove it for 25-30 miles beforwe calling me to pick it up.
After driving away i stalled again exactly one block away, after I had let the thing idle for over 20 mins. in the parking lot, blipping and revving the motor to make sure it was fixed.
I'm now one my 3rd fuel pump, and the mechanic is out of answers or ideas. he says the pumps work for about 5-10 mins out side the fuel tank in a clean bucket of fresh, clean fuel but soon start to cavitate and suck or pass ait out the line or outlet on the fuel outlet on top of the pump. Several other people in my area. eastern Norht Dakota/ Western Minnesota have been experincing the same problem.
Is any one out here having or had a problem like this or similar ???.
All the Nissan service tech's I've talked to said they doubt the fuel pumps were at fault to begin with and one told me he tried the same fuel induction treatment on a customer car...A (maxima) and it destroyed all the injectors ???. 'BG' The company that sells and makes the product swears they havn't had an problems or complaints with the product and all the mechanics and tech back that opinion with the exeption of one....with the Maxima.
I need !!!!. I'm into this thing for $1200.00 with parts and labor and it still isn't running right.
The truck has 174,000 miles on it and I just replaced the heads 1000 miles ago after the timing belt broke. However it's runn great until the fuel additive and cleaning.


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