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I had a hell of a time shifting gears a couple weeks back leaving home
on my way to work, basically felt like the clutch wasnt engaging. When
I got to work I popped the hood and realized the clutch reservoir was DRY.
It doesnt have any cracks or anything in it so I followed the lines and found
no source of leaks. I filled it back up and bled the system per the Haynes
manual. After refilling it, I noticed a slowly but steady increasing puddle of
something running down the driver floor mat. Looking at it closer, sure enough
thats where my clutch fluid is going. Its constantly leaking from the inside,
somewhere around where the clutch pedal goes through the firewall. I havent
had a chance to get into it yet, but I plan on doing so this weekend. In the
meantime I have been topping off the reservoir and rebleeding it constantly
(which is really getting old). I dont know much about the hydraulic clutch
system so does anyone have some advice on whats causing the leak??
Again, it only leaks on the inside, under the hood area is DRY.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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