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I have induce this problem and I am trying to fix what I have broken...
First of all some history- the speedometer needle was bent to the point where it would not move or would get stuck.. In my brilliant attempt to straight the needle out I broke it in three pieces. I glue it back to together put back on to find out that now it didn't go back in the same place i was about 20mph off. With several attempt to get closer to were it was suppose to be. Being lazy and not putting the plastic glass back protect the gages. I my most brilliant idea figured i can place the needle at the right speed will driving. :loser: biggest mistake ever. I was better of moving the needle a little at a time until i got it close. Now I have to use my tach as my only way to gage my speed.
When i was attemping to place the needle I pushed to hard on the needle at this point the needle drop to zero and the mileage stop registering.
I have check the back end disconneted the cable( of course this happens when you pull the gage off). Short of buying new instrument panel does any body have a clue...
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