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88 Sentra Hatch XE, carb'd motor.

when accelerating, especially when motor is cold, it will stumble, or sometimes just bog entirely from about 2500-3500 RPM, feels like E brake is on. engine runs rich as well.

recently replaced
air filter-fuel filter-thermostat-rad-muffler-alternator
cap/rotor/plugs/wires are all in good shape, gas is good as well.

visible vacuum lines look ok.

I've searched and think I should check a white ECCS connector, if my cat is clogged, electric choke and my fuel pump?

any other suggestions?

how do you check the electric choke? I'm leaning towards this being the problem and any more information on this ECCS connector deal?

my mileage is suffering bad from this and its getting pretty ridiculous to drive with how erratically it misses as I accelerate.

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I would lean towards the electric choke as well. All your problems seem to be symptoms of a malfunctioning choke.
To test the choke you will need to take the air cleaner off so you can see down the carb. Then start it when the engine is cold, and see of the choke is closed. As the engine warms up the choke should start to open after a minute or so, and be fully open after no more than 10 minutes. If the choke never opens or only opens part way check the wiring and connections. If you have a volt meter you should have 12VDC on the wire to the choke when ever the IGN is turned to ON. If the wiring is good and there is voltage you can unplug the choke and measure the resistance to ground; It should be no more than 50 OHMS. Most electric chokes have a resistance of between 2-20 OHMS, so a lower number is normal.
If the choke only opens part way you usually can adjust them so after 5-10 minutes of warm up they are all the way open.
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