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My SE (VG30E engine) is acting up on me a bit. It started yesterday. I'm getting a momentary hesitation, almost like a skip, on acceleration. It usually seems to happen right after an upshift, in the 2200-2600 rpm range, as I'm getting back on the gas after the shift. It also happened a couple times as I was slipping the clutch in first gear. It does not happen every time, but often enough to concern me. It seems to be load related since it has rarely happened after a shift into 4th and never after a shift into 5th (when I am generally not accelerating as briskly as through the lower gears.)
I figure it's got to be a momentary interruption in either spark or fuel. (Elementary). The plugs, wires, dist. cap and rotor are all approx. 16,000 miles old. I replaced the air filter today. I did put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner into the current tank, and filled it up with 93 octane because I thought I heard some pinging going on. Might I have clogged an injector?

The other things I have done this week are replaced the idle air controller, adjusted the idle, changed the oil and added a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil (on my mechanic's advice, I'm trying to clear a clogged tappet), swapped out the tranny oil for Redline MT-90, replaced the coolant and washer reservoirs (they started to become brittle at the tops), and replaced the negative battery terminal. I don't see how any of these changes might have caused this problem.
Any ideas?
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