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project civic 65721 said:
where is the best place to find parts for this car?

all custom...they make close to nuthin for these cars! u do have a CA18ET right? well I cuztomed a intake adapter from my B14 sentra to adapt itsself ontothe MAF of the CA18ET, and put my old filter on it. exhaust, I gutted the cat, and put 2.5" piping to a universal turbo Apex N1 muffler, lights were stock and turbo wqas stock...u can upgrade to a T25 or T28 from a SR20DET, it'll bolt right up, if u do that I'd highly recomend upgrading the down pipe to a 3" one and make 3" piping all the way back..

also for suspension Tokico has 3 sets of IRS 200sx springs left for shipping, I have them on my car and its ALL good...ride is nice and smooth.

for more info on the car check out its an S12 forum

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If Project Civic is located in the US, than he doesn't have the CA18ET. The last year for the 200SX Turbo in the USDM was 86. If he's got an 88 US car, it's either a CA20E or a VG30E, probably the CA20. There's quite a bit of info available on turbocharging the CA20E in an S12 at Club S12, as well as good leads on the other parts mentioned.
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