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Hello from snow country Idaho,
Sorry to interrupt - still figuring this site. Posted on new member area, but not sure that is where I need to be.
Just purchased an '87 sentra (carburetor, automatic), for a short commuter, not exactly what I wanted but, got sucked in by need and promises of great gas mileage. The problem is that the gas mileage is terrible! Barely 20mpg. I tuned the car up immediately (except for the pcv valve, can't get to it yet) but to no avail.
I know I need a muffler (and perhaps catalytic converter?) but could that warp my mileage so much? My quandry, is what should I have a "qualified" mechanic tackle first - the exhaust system or have a look at the carburetor? (can't do both yet) There are 122,000 miles on it. No history but extremely clean. It runs fine aside from the gas mileage and the quirky start ups - great cold starts, but I must hold gas pedal to floor for a rough start after it is warm. It barely catches.
Also there seems to be a lot of carbon build up on muffler and old plugs. Any help?

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