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I can't figure this out... My car was running fine about a week ago, when I had a guy stop buy to look at buying it... it wouldn't start. The battery is brand new and so is the starter. The cap and rotor are new as well. I am not getting any spark from the coil. I have read the wires to the ignition switch and they all read out good. Since the start of this problem the security system light wont light up when the door is open, the head lamps wont raise when the lights are turned on, the wipers are not working, the turn signals/hazard lamps aren't working, and I can't hear the fuel pump prime when the key is turned on. I tried jumpering the ignition switch and it still would not start... I have a push button start on it and it turns the motor over but as I said before... No fire at the coil or plugs. Please help!!
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