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This car left me stranded on the freeway, had it towed home in Feb. Would crank but no start...had it taken to mechanic two weeks ago and he found that the fuel pump wasn't getting voltage from the computer. They soldered the cold solder joint and brought it back to life. Had them also replace timing belt, regular belts, front cam and crank seals. Car is running fine but two things have happened... my oil sending unit indicator is blinking and showing 0 - 10 lbs. of pressure. It has oil and no signs of pings, knocks, overheating, etc. The other thing is that my Voltage meter is pegged out at 18V. The battery is not hot, the charging system seems to be functioning fine. So my question it possible that they zapped my gauges when they were working on the car or is that just too bizzar? I brought it back down to them and they want to treat it as another seperate problem... it cost 724.00 just to have done to it what I listed above. Is there any checks I can make to see if my gauges are toast... Thanx! JD
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