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I was hoping to get some insight into a few concerns I have with my truck. I have had the truck for years and it has been great, however I have noticed I am losing power mainly in the top end. But I notice it most climbing hills and under load, it just doesn't have the pull it used to. It may just be age, but I pulled the codes and had the following:

24 - throttle valve
31 - ecu

I am in the process of doing a tune up, I put in new plugs last night, the old ones still looked pretty good, I changed them about 3 years ago, but I don't drive the truck very much. Changed the oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter, have new wires, cap and rotor to install and a new pcv. I am also going to clean out the throttle body.

Based on the codes, do you think I actually have a bad ecu?? If the code 24 is correct, where is the throttle valve? I know the TPS is on the back of the throttle body, is the throttle valve on the drivers side of the throttle body or is it one of the two electrical valves that are in the screw in metal housings on the passenger side of the throttle body??

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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