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I recently acquired a 85 Nissan pickup, cant find much for numbers left on in the engine compartment but has Nissan Z on valve cover, 8 plug wires, and seems to me I saw 24 ? or 2.4 somewhere.
Anyway, the previous owner knew nothing about mechanics but was told it needed a head gasket. However when I try to start it it turns over very hard and jerky alot like a motor that you advance the timing wayyy to much. When it finally does start it coughs and bucks and seems consistant with being way out of time. After reading some on this forum I'm thinking timing might be a concern. Is there anything in particular I should start with to diagnose this problem? I've had lots of experience with 6.2 liter and 6.5 diesels and head gaskets this just dosent seem consistant with that problem.
Where should I start? Thanks
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