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85 300zx wont start

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Hi i purchased a 1985 nissan 300zx and it used to turn over and with a lil bit of starter fluid it would start then die. So i went out and bought a new batter and batter positve batter cable cuz the other one broke replaced the battery and cable and now it wont even turn over. What could be wrong with it?
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Double check your cable connections-- both on the cable you replaced and the other one-- if one broke the other one is probably not far from it. Also you may want to check your connections using a voltmeter or ohmmeter. As for the no start, are you getting gas to the engine?
just double cheked the cable they seem fine but i think i need to replace the fuel pump could that be it?
That could be the reason for the no-start, but it won't keep the engine from turning over. Do you have voltage at the battery?
When you turn the key on do you get the dash lights?
not to be totally cutting in on this thread but i tried starting my sentra yesterday to no avail... i haven't had any problems staring in the past

the dash lights all come on and there is a slight click from the column when i turn the key to "start" but nothing else happens.

anybody? thanks and sorry if i'm messing the whole order of things here. ;)
yeah your sentra prolly has a dead battery.
could it be? i tried jumping it from another car and still wouldn't start.
could it be? i tried jumping it from another car and still wouldn't start.
Have the battery tested and if it's still good then it's most likely a fusible link.
If the battery is really, really, really dead, then jumping it may be difficult. The fact that you are getting a "click" tells me the battery is probably toast. Have it tested, and if it comes up good, then you are looking at a bad starter. . .
sorry it took so long to repley but anyways for the dashlight;s then dont turn on at all they used to till i switched the battery. but not anymore and my brake lights are on and i seem to not be able to shut them off until i take of the battery cable.
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