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70mm throttle body

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its gonna go on a gutted plenum, and i havent found much on plenum spacers... anyone else?
other mods for this car would be a t3/4 runnin 10-12 boost, 420cc injectors, so theres gonna be fuel to match the air... i hope.
so when i gut the plenum is there actually enough space to match that up?
so the biggest you can really go is the 240sx 60mm?
they have spacers for those TBs, does that help?
or am i askin for too much for what ive got.
so when using the 60mm TB, what good if any would using a TB spacer, for the 240sx TB do?
ok well how about this....

eBay Motors: Infiniti Q45 90mm Throttle Body Nissan SR20DET KA24DE (item 370150196273 end time Feb-01-09 19:30:00 PST)

it states that it will work for a 240, and if a 240 TB will work for a z31, .........
see where im going with this.....
if this would work, what other mods are necessary?
i jus read that the q45 injectors flow at 440cc so the mercedes 420ccs should be fine.
i read a while back about the mercedes injectors but i cant remember where..
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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