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70mm throttle body

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Wouldn't do much good unless you matched to plenium intake port to match the size
You can make the 60mm work. take the 60mm gasket and scribe the opening on your plenium and use a dremel tool to match the openings.
A 60mm t/b installed on a stock unported inlet doesnt hit any lips, there is plenty of clearance for the 60mm t/b blade to pivot to full horizontal open on a unported intake...but the intake should be port matched and is very easy to do with a dremel tool...get a 60mm gasket and trace the shape and then port away the soft aluminum...half hour or less!!
It makes an improvement if you match the manifold inlet to it, just slapping a 60mm throttle won't do crap.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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