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i saw this guy about 8months ago. Its a 5speed 300zx-tt. And from 20-100 its about dead even with the GS4.

we were not side by side. I was a couple of cars ahead in the right lane and he in the left. Actually he was behind me at the light when we were turning left. I turned and went to the right lane and waited for him to come up (he never did so I hammered it). We both hit at just about the same time and it seemed like it took all day to get to 100.

Last time it was from 40-120+
This time he had his t-tops out and I think i got about 1car length upto 100.

i did not come here to rub anybodies nose in anything (u notice id did not call it a kill or say i put X cars on him).

i just figured i would say hey..
take it easy.

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Well, 300ZXTTs ran about low 14s stock. So I guess that's what your GS400 is running too. And yeah, removing the t-tops introduces a severe amount of drag above 80 MPH.

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its probably a little slower in the 1/4 than a 300tt

but.. i would think the TT would need a pretty hard launch.. and from a roll that kind of evens it out a lot.

I know this guy by his license plate.. :D
We see eachother in traffic a bunch..
I will tell him about this site..


Some of the fun cars to play with are Z28s and TAs with LS1s. They expect to be able to just flat walk away from you and they usually put about 2 or 3 cars real quick and the distance stays about there. Kind of takes the chip off their shoulder a little.

Every now and then I find something that will just run and hide from the GS and I have a 89camaro with a 400small block that comes out every now and then for them.
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