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1) need clearances for mainshaft and input shaft..
...critical clearances seem to be between rear bearings and rest of's set with selective-fit spacers & snaprings.....
..could us other clearances too....

2) would appreciate teardown/setup "pitfalls" advice...only have pics in Haynes book, and factory manual is way too expensive....

3) problem is noisy gears, possibly caused by loose/worn bearings..."roars" in all gears but is louder in 4th & think it's too much clearance in rear brgs, letting gears separate...(sounds like old truck trans w/straight-cut gears!)..
....could use insight into what typically causes gear noise (roar)...because i don't expect to find anything obvious (no 5th popout)..
..PS: it's *not* throwout brg, ring&pinion, or CV-joints..
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