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Hi all,
I have Nissan Sentra 2013 bought second hand.
I have oil leakage in "4 port cooler" unit from 1 down facing pipe, about a:( drop per night, I collected the oil for 3 days and it is reddish in color.
Only 2 smaller pipes are connected to Hayden cooler from "4 port cooler" unit in my car remaining 2 pipes are open. Right now I capped the lower pipe with small hose and bolt. I guess this leak is due to an internal crack in 4 port cooler itself.
What is the further suggestions for this leakage issue is it necessary to replace the "4 port cooler" or leave it as it is, I ran around 2000km after I bought the car, and no any issues are noticed. I believe this "4 port cooler" is no use in my car as only 2 ports are in use.

I have a small curiosity about this cooler, if you have time plz reply, as this cooler has 4 pipes, I believe 2 bigger pipes for coolant and smaller pipes for CVT cooler and two more holes in the rear of the cooler which I saw in photos is attached to the engine with O ring. All these have separate routes for different liquids to flow so what are those liquids, I understand it like this below:
1 big pipe for coolant inlet.
1 big pipe for coolant outlet.
1 small pipe for CVT fluid inlet from Hayden cooler.
1 small pipe for CVT fluid return from Hayden cooler.
2 holes at the rear of the "4 port cooer" is also CVT fluid in and out going to Hayden cooler.

If this is true then My one with leakage can be fixed by looping 2 open pipes with some strong pipes to sustain oil pressure that will be built in the future.
I have the photos of leakage pipe before and after the cap, oil color, and one unknown oil dipstick above the cooler unit. but unable to put the link in this post.

Thanks and regards.

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The "4 port cooler" unit uses the two large ports for a quick warmup from a cold startup since the coolant heats up faster then the CVT fluid; the official name for that unit is called a "CVT OIL WARMER SYSTEM". Also during operation, the unit actually does perform some cooling if the CVT oil starts to get excessively hot.

It might be to your advantage to replace the gaskets for the unit and reconnect the coolant hoses back up to help keep the CVT fluid from getting too hot. The major cause for CVT failures is overheating.
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