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damn good question. curious to know myself. I would think you would need the entire system for it to fit properly. You cant just add Z33 brembo calipers to Z33 that didn't come with I would assume you couldn't either. Problem is (with the Z33), you need the calipers, rotors, lines, etc to swap them on a non-brembo Z33.

If all you have is the calipers, then i would say sell them on ebay and just do a stage 2 brake upgrade. Reason being is the remaining things you need to buy (if they fit) are not very cheap. I see alot of Z33 guys selling their brembos for a pretty its USED. Stoptech offers a stage 2 brake kit for $600-700. comes with slotted or crossdrilled rotors, axxis or hawks pads, steel braided lines, and race brake fluid. This might be a better choice in the long run. and you'd be getting NEW parts. I'll dig around and see if I cant find an answer to your question though.

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I recently came across a set of 350z front Brembos calipers and was wondering if they will fit on a z32 TT as in direct bolt on, if not how can i make them fit??

They will fit provided you have the adapter brackets for calipers the and you don't use 16" rims.

CZP 300ZX 12.75inch Upgrade Adapter Kit, w/ 350Z Track Rotors- Nissan Performance Parts

The GTR rotors are nice but you need the calipers to make the rotors fit but they fit the 16" rims that come stock on our Z32.
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