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ok to be honest with you, ull get for swapping the filter about 1 or 2 hp tops, thats untill u do the headers and intake manifold.
for the headers ull get about 10 more hp, the intake manifold will give u a nice boost, about 10 to 15 more hp and the racing exahust will give another 2 or 3 hp. Now all that put together u get much better performance than installing just 1 thing. I think that u will be getting about from 30 to 40 whp tops from that and thats with a very positive mindset.

I would tune the engine through the ecu, move cam degrees, play with the timing of the engine.

I think that by changing the ecu or reprogramming it and adding what u said beforehand ull be at the 350whp range.
Also keep in mind that not every part is compatible with every car, you jhave to found whats best for your engine. I had this friend who installed a custom racing exhaust and he actually ended up getting less hp, cause somehow it was restricting even more.
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