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So I am finishing my long build, had it on the dyno last night and it raised some questions


S15 engine
Stock S15 turbo w/GTSpec headers and pretty open exhaust
1.2mm head gasket
tomei 256 cams
300zx MAF
V mount IC
pump gas 93
3 inch all the way, no cats, some Apexi muffler but open as well

It a S15 engine with S14 wiring, coils, and S14 ECU with unknown JDM reflash
Apexi AFC and Greddy boost controller

I bought this car smashed at the auction and I am/was fixing/building it for the last 9 months

Previous owner claims car was boosting 14psi making 312 RWHP
His Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) was all the way counter clockwise.
With the CAS in that position the most we got was about 260 HP @19psi
Moving CAS to about the midpoint caused HP to jump to 312 Hp but I'm seeing posts that guys are achieving these numbers with less boost

Any ideas? Should I be worried?


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