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yup.. 280 x 30mm.

and heavy as hell.

you'd be better off doing the fastbrakes setup.. for the time and money spent on a custom setup, you'll be better off going with a kit already built for the car.

trust me.. I've done 4 different custom setups on my car and I'm STILL trying to get it perfect... several thousand invested in various calipers, rotors, brackets, dozens of sets of pads looking for the proper friction levels, etc...
I would have been better off just buying the fastbrakes kit and been done with it.

I've also developed several other more streetable kits around off-the-shelf Nissan parts (300zx calipers front and rear, 2004 Maxima rotors up front, Z23 rotors in back), and the weight penalty is insane to keep with OEM type parts. (see my website for details on them all.)

i.e. 300ZX aluminum calipers weigh about 9lb each.. the 2004 Maxima rotors weigh 23lb each.. the pads weigh a pound, and brackets and hardware to fit them on weigh 1.5lb per side. That's 34.5lb PER SIDE using Nissan parts.

the 13" 2-pc rotor and wilwood calipers I have weigh in at 19.5lb per side for the same parts.

And it only cost me about $200 less than the fastbrakes kit to make it myself. hmmmmmmm
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