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SentraStyle said:
i was talking to a company (Atlanta Metal Makers) that said they can custom make perfectly matching (1.2) titanium gaskets. the 550cc injectors i have in mind are by BLITZ. i was told i would still need the rail. since ur running 9psi as ur low boost on a stock bottom end wut boost should i set my kit at with the forged pistons, and rods. my sentra is a daily driver and weekend racer. im wanting to get MAX power out of the turbo kit (just ncase a SE-R, or Honda of some sort wants a quickie), but engine safely of course. then on the weekend crank up the boost even more.
FWIW I'm running 11 PSI as my low boost setting (the wastegate spring is set at 11 PSI) using the HS kit with the GT28RS with a completely stock engine.
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