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can it happen again?

There are actually 2 problems with these VQs!
1 - A rattle from the timing chain area. Broken timing chain guide, that now has slid down and now the tensioner isn't positioned where it should be!

2 - A whining or buzzing sound from timing chain area. Becomes more high pitched when rpms get higher! This is the worn camshaft tensioner guides. This problem is MORE labor intensive!

Problem 2 is notorious on the newer 4.0 engines, found in the new bodystyle Pathfinders, Xterras and Frontiers!

Hello Metro273, I just finished the reparation on my Quest 07 for the point number 2 (NTB07-042) and the whinning noise has finally gone:), but my concern is: can this issue be present again with the new parts (tensioner, chains, etc)?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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