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3/29/09 Liberty State Park - Jersey City - New Jersey

This meet started out as 2 seperate meets that were merged into 1 with a list of members already over 350. We have now decided to make it even bigger by inviting not only the Honda and BMW scene but all members of the import car scene.

We will be meeting up around 11am where we will hang out for a while before going on a cuise down to the Grease Trucks in New Brunswick for fat sandwiches. The event will be covered and co-hosted by such companies as, GADGET IMPORT "GIMPT", Speed Theory, and ///

There is also the possibilty of the event having a DJ, but it's not yet set in stone.
A Few of us will also be heading to Bear Mtn. after the meet for a nice cruise around the Mtn. roads..

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