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I travel about 1000km per week and have been averaging around 29mpg with speeds ranging between 90 and 120km/hr. My best was 29.8mpg. In addition, this was with winter tires (P225/60/R16), that I had for my Maxima and with still very new tread. I put these tires on a week after I purchased my Xtrail. Of course mileage decreases with winter weather.

All in all, I am very impressed with the fuel efficiency of the Xtrail. I was hoping for the fuel efficiency as my maxima. I was only getting 26-27 mpg with the winter tires last winter and was overwhelmed by the difference in fuel efficiency with the same tires.

Thorongil said:
Easter weekend we went from Halifax to Cape Breton and back. About 400 km each way. Average speed (cruise control) set at about 112km/hr.
Just checked the milage: 28.1 MPG with the Thule box on the roof. Not bad I guess.
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