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240 parts?

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is their like a 240 super site or something...i am new to s14's, so dont know much, i know about everything and every website that i can get parts for the sentra, but nothing on the 240, any help would be appreciated!!!
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as for most cars, i dont really think there's a "one stop shop" kinda place for the kinda have to shop around. For example, if you want aero stuff/body kits, there are a ton of sites like,, etc. If you want everything else (i.e. non-aero stuff), is one of my favorites, and is a good all-around site. Again, it depends on what you're looking for. If you go to, they have a link page with TONS of sites that have all kinds of stuff for 240s. Look around at those sites to start out
youre awesome man, i found everything that i could possibly want!!!! :thumbup:
May I humbly suggest (this is where I work, I'm not in sales though).

We have great prices on everything but the JDM/imported stuff, everyone actually gets a lousy deal on that stuff, but some people on the internet are willing to sell at a very low margin (and then lose thier shirt and go out of business, or mark up shipping, or give crappy customer service).
no problem, b14. Glad I could help!

Also, cool site, bII. I had never heard of it, but you guys have a pretty decent selection!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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