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2023 Rogue Gas Leak/Gas Fumes/Engineering Review/Recall

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2023 Rogue-Same gas smell inside cabin and outside of car as others here have reported. Took the Rogue to the local Nissan dealership yesterday, and they said Nissan is aware of the issue and that the Rogue is under Engineering Review. Nissan dealership said they checked for gas leaks to make sure there was no safety problem, but that there was nothing else to do until Nissan issues a recall or figures out a fix for wherever the gas is leaking. Dealership said I had to be able to visually see leak and not just smell gasoline for them to do more. Also, I stay in the mid 20s for gas mileage even though I drive on Eco. Contacted national Nissan # and supposedly someone should be contacting me, but I see others have had no luck resolving this issue either. Unsure of what next steps should be
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That would be true if the problem was really gas mixing with the oil, but it isn't. No one has found anything beyond normal turbo dilution on any of these cars.
So normal turbo dilution can involve slight smell of gas on oil dipstick plus very high level of oil? So you recommend waiting it out? I'm just an average working stiff who likes the car and is between a rock and a hard place
All turbos get thin, black, smelly oil, it isn't unique to the KR15. Ask any Juke owner. The problem in this case looks to be a bad choice of hose materials for the KR's two-stage PCV system, which is really very effective at scrubbing out the crank but is letting traces of the "trash" (as it were) creep right through porous rubber and out where you can smell it. As I mentioned earlier, the human nose can detect gasoline or ethanol in vanishingly small quantities, so it doesn't take a whole lot of escaped blowby to make a noticeable stink. Nissan knows what the problem is, but most "common" rubber materials like NBR are somewhat porous to ethanol, and hoses lined with alternatives like Viton aren't off-the-shelf stuff. So we're back to the dang supply chain. I'm sure the fix is coming and my guess is before autumn, but exactly when is anybody's guess.
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