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2023 Rogue Gas Leak/Gas Fumes/Engineering Review/Recall

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2023 Rogue-Same gas smell inside cabin and outside of car as others here have reported. Took the Rogue to the local Nissan dealership yesterday, and they said Nissan is aware of the issue and that the Rogue is under Engineering Review. Nissan dealership said they checked for gas leaks to make sure there was no safety problem, but that there was nothing else to do until Nissan issues a recall or figures out a fix for wherever the gas is leaking. Dealership said I had to be able to visually see leak and not just smell gasoline for them to do more. Also, I stay in the mid 20s for gas mileage even though I drive on Eco. Contacted national Nissan # and supposedly someone should be contacting me, but I see others have had no luck resolving this issue either. Unsure of what next steps should be
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I leased my 2023 Rogue in mid November and the smell started in late Dec. Just got into the dealership today (they had a 6 week waiting list for appointments), and received the same diagnosis and result. I spoke to the Service Manager and confirmed with him that his dealership leased me a vehicle that had known problems and are prepared to put me and my family in danger and to experience health risks due to their inaction. He is prepared to provide me a loaner vehicle in the interim, but that means paying for a Rogue and driving something older and lesser. Nice! So folks, there is a class action lawsuit starting... might want to consider it. Nissan Rogue Gas Smell | 2023 Rogue Gas Fumes/Leak | In Cabin
I took my 2023 Rogue into the dealership on April 19. They replaced the PVC hose. The smell was gone so I thought it was fixed! NOT! 5 days later the smell started up again. Now it’s right back where it was - I’m choking on the fumes, the garage reeks and my house smells too if someone forgets to fully shut the mudroom door. This is not a fix. If it worked for you - just wait a few days.
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